This portfolio-based competition is dedicated to #typography in all its versatile forms, and the inspiring designers who are elevating the medium. Ascenders, from Type Directors Club, recognizes designers on the rise. For those age 35 and under. No height limitations. Learn about 2019 and 2018 ascenders, or follow #TDCAscenders for more.

Dates & Deadlines

Regular Deadline

April 30, 2022

Extended Deadline

May 31, 2022

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Past Ascenders

In typography, an ascender is an upward stroke of a lowercase letter that stretches above its x-height. In the circles of the Type Directors Club, however, the Ascenders recognize a more figurative upward stroke — the rising trajectory of the careers of up and coming creatives in the world of type design and lettering. Founded in 2018, Ascenders range from professionals to students to self-taught artists. From print to digital, from static to animated, from creating letterforms to using them masterfully in everything from graphic design to UX/UI to fashion and beyond — Ascenders honors masterful typographers on the rise. View some of their works below, or head over to TDC’s 2019 and 2018 lists to see the full list.

Daniel Brokstad

New York, USA


The Jury is composed of past Ascenders and other accomplished creatives with typographic knowledge across a wide variety of disciplines: graphic design, lettering, digital design, type design… this jury is knowledgeable, talented, and ready and waiting for your work!

Hear more from some of them April 21—23 during our virtual panels, or read interviews about their rise on the TDC site.

About You

Ascenders is open to everybody 35 years of age and under — professionals, students, or beyond. If you’re a 15 year old whose lettering skills put the best graffiti writers on notice, or a self-taught master in the art of sign painting, Ascenders wants to see your work!

Age Limit
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About Your Work

All aspiring Ascenders must submit six projects; they may be professional work, university work, personal passion projects, or any mixture of the above.

What kind of work can be entered?
More Details
Why Six?

Can’t decide which six projects to submit? Ask a trusted peer — maybe even a previous Ascender!

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What It Costs

In order to make Ascenders more affordable around the globe, for 2022 we have a 3 tier price structure based on the country you’re entering from. (Validated by your billing address.) And as always, TDC members receive discounts on entry as well.

Non-Members Members
Regular Deadline Extended Deadline Regular Deadline Extended Deadline
Full Priced Regions $150 $175 $125 $150
Mid-Tier Regions $100 $125 $75 $100
Discount Regions $50 $75 $25 $50
Non-Member Pricing
Member Pricing

Full Price Regions Mid-Tier Regions Discount Regions Free Regions
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Contact Us

If you still have questions, we still have answers. Please get in touch with us through one of the following:

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